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How To Plan For A Day Hike

Every year, millions of us love escaping into the outdoors for a hike, but it’s not something that should be decided on at the spur of the moment. Safe day hiking needs at least some planning. And even if you’re familiar with a trail, you shouldn’t take anything to chance and some level of planning is required. Let’s start with some tips for new hikers. Follow these tips to plan safely for your next day hike.

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How To Plan A Day Hike With The Kids

With inactivity among kids being such a common theme these days, introducing them to the great outdoors from an early age can only be a good thing. And a great way of doing this is through day hikes. Although day hikes can be challenging, there are plenty of family friendly routes available and there are trails that are well-suited for novices. But as you might expect, when you’re taking small children on a trail, it will involve some additional planning. So, if you’re considering a day hike with the kids, here are some must-read tips. Be Practical The two main things to think about when planning a day hike are the length of the route and the distance. From experience,...

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