About us


Woop!Wear started in 2007 with a desire to bring alpaca into the outdoor industry. We started out with just one base layer, entirely not perfect and much more "sweater like" than what we were hoping for that first year, as back then no one was using alpaca for activewear and manufacturing options were limited. 

However, after much experimenting and countless meetings with fabric producers we have been able to offer lightweight alpaca base layers for the past few years, as well as expanding our offerings into outerwear. Our field tested and approved heavy weight field pants, accessories, and new for 2015, the long awaited Ultimate Field Coat. 

We are a small company based in Trout Lake, Washington. An area that offers optimal field testing for our alpaca activewear. 

Thank you to all our great customers who have helped us to grow into what we are today. We know you are looking for more products, thanks for all the great feedback and requests for additional product offerings. We are developing new products and rolling them out as quick as we can. 

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