Why Layering Your Clothing Is A Smart Move

Why Layering Your Clothing Is A Smart Move

Whether you’re a novice or a professional, a layering system is one of the best ways of dressing for your outdoor pursuits. It’s a clothing system that has long been used by many an outdoor lover, and it has many advantages. However, if you are new to hiking, cycling, hunting or an active lifestyle, you might not realize the full benefits of it.  If you aren’t already layering, here are just some of the reasons that it’s a smart move for the challenges of the great outdoors.

Layering Enables Lightweight Packing

Packing light is imperative if you don’t want to be burdened down with gear. Layering your clothing can significantly reduce the weight you’ll have to carry – and the weight of clothing you need to wear. With layering, there’s no need to wear one thick layer of clothing for warmth; it's inevitable that this type of clothing will start to feel heavy after a while, especially when your body heat increases. Nor do you want to burden yourself down with heavy clothing in your backpack in case of a change in weather. With layering, you simply wear a collection of light layers that can be adapted as the conditions change and that are light to carry.

Layering Gives Greater Flexibility

It’s difficult to think of another clothing system that gives quite the same flexibility as layering; this way of dressing allows you to take layers off and replace them if need be. Just choose a suitable base layer, middle layer and an outer layer, and you should have all the flexibility required as your clothing needs change.

By wearing lightweight layering, you’ll have the flexibility to put clothing in your backpack, or tie it around your waist when it’s not being used; you can then put it back on if you start to feel colder or the weather changes. When it’s not being worn, the spare clothing won’t be weighing you down, enabling you to indulge fully in your activities. With lightweight layers, you’ll also be able to carry spare extra clothing without taking up too much packing space.

Layering Clothing Provides Added Insulation

Keeping warm and regulating your temperature is a vital part of any outdoor trip, and the clothing you wear plays a vital role in this. However, while you’ll want to be insulated, you don’t want thick, heavy clothing that hinders your movements. If you’re looking for an answer, the solution is a simple one: layering.

By selecting the right lightweight clothing, you can have added insulation when you need to stay warm. But you’ll also have a system that provides breathability and allows you to keep cool when your body starts to heat up. And if you pick the right materials, you'll have clothing that is wind and rain resistant so you’ll be prepared for all weathers.

Layering Aids Energy Conservation

Just like insulation, energy conservation is an important part of any outdoor activity. You don’t want to burn up unnecessary energy wearing clothing that weighs you down. Nor do you want to wear clothing that is going to cause your body to perspire heavily, which can drain you of more energy. You want a simple system that conserves energy so you can maximize your time outdoors, and layering enables this.


Don’t let the wrong style of clothing spoil your outdoor adventure. Choose a layering system that is simple but effective. This will enable your body to stay warm, conserve energy and give you the flexibility that you need. It will also ensure you’re not weighed down with heavy clothing to wear or carry while you go about your activities.

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 Image: Flickr