What The Best Dressed Will Be Wearing On The Slopes This Winter

What The Best Dressed Will Be Wearing On The Slopes This Winter

You might think it's too early to start thinking about what to wear on the slopes this year, but there is nothing like planning ahead. Just look around. Several websites started predicting what would be hot on the slopes back in the summer, and stockists’ shelves are packed with ski wear all year round. So, what will the best dressed be wearing on the slopes this winter?

What’s Hot On The Slopes?

Designer brands like Helly Hanson, Stella McCartney and Armani are among those that have all released their ski wear lines, but it’s not just the well-known labels that are likely to be seen on the slopes come winter. Skiers are also turning to different types of wools and fleeces as they start to realize the benefits of them. Cashmere and merino have long been among the firm favorites, however, more recently another fiber has got the attention of skiers and other outdoor lovers: Alpaca.

Independent stores and big designer names alike are now selling alpaca year-round. And it’s not just the outdoor industry that has picked up on the many advantages of the fiber. You’ll see it being incorporated in regular street wear, designer fashions, textiles, and models are also donning it on the catwalk.

How To Wear Your Ski Gear

Whatever type of material, fiber or brand you decide to wear on the slopes this year, layering is going to be essential; this system gives outdoor lovers the simplicity and adaptability that is needed for dressing for the outdoors. And when choosing ski wear, don’t just look at the designer labels: go for fibers that are practical and built for the outdoors. Also, by selecting materials that are both warm and versatile, it will be easier to regulate your body’s temperature and keep yourself warm.

As part of your layering system, begin with a high-quality base layer to keep your skin dry. Next, find an insulating layer for additional warmth. And finally, team it all up with a shell or outer layer, and check that it’s got practical features like deep pockets. fAnd remember, depending on the conditions, you might want to go for multiple top and bottom layers.

Don’t Forget The Accessories

The right accessories will give your ski wear the finishing touch while adding extra warmth. If you are going with alpaca, these accessories come in several forms. For instance, alpaca socks: always look for high-quality brands that blend alpaca and merino, or for pure alpaca to ensure your feet stay warm.

And don’t forget other accessories, either. Gloves, beanies, mittens, hats and scarves come in a multitude of designs and colors and will seal in the warmth so you can enjoy the slopes in comfort. However, check the labels to ensure the accessories you choose have an adequate level of pure alpaca, or you won't feel the benefits.


If you want a simple answer to what the best dressed will be wearing on the slopes this winter, it’s clothing that looks good, while keeping the wearer insulated and providing added versatility. There are numerous brands and materials available. However, one fiber is really starting to get the attention it deserves.

Alpaca fleece is beginning to win over a strong audience among outdoor lovers who have come to appreciate its natural qualities. Alpaca fiber is suitable for a range of different environments, including the ski slopes. However, as a material, alpaca is every bit as suitable for everyday wear and it’s a growing part of the fashion and textiles industry too.

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