Top 7 Hiking Hotspots In The USA - The Ultimate Must Visit List!

Hiking is a popular past time in the United States – and the U.S. has been blessed with plenty of hiking hotspots to choose from. Every one of them offers a different experience, which means narrowing them down isn’t easy. However, here are seven of the hiking hotspots in the United States that we feel deserve a place on the ultimate must visit list.

Larch Mountain Hike

The hike starts from Multnomah Falls and it will take you to the top of Larch Mountain, an inactive volcano in Oregon. The trail provides an idea environment for day hikers as it is only a short walk. However, while the overall terrain is considered easy, there are plenty of steps to climb, so it is not ideal for everyone.

Hail Lake Trail

The Hail Lake Loop Trail is situated in the Hike Brazos State Park; it is popular with hikers and mountain bikers, and the easy terrain makes it suitable for children, dogs and horses. However, if the 1.9-mile trail doesn’t prove challenging enough, you’ll find plenty of others to choose from. It can be a good area for nature spotting as the area is rich in wildlife: but be warned: you need to be on the lookout for alligators!

Wonderland Trail

Situated in Mount Rainer, Washington, the Wonderland Trail spans 93 miles. It will take you through some breath-taking views, including alpine forests and valleys, but it most definitely isn’t for the novice hiker. If you plan to hike all 93 miles, there are several designated camping sites along the way, although relatively few people complete the entire hike.

Sunset Ridge Trail

The Sunset Ridge Trail in Vermont’s Underhill State Park is considered strenuous and challenging by some hikers, while others rate it as merely moderate. Either way, the scenic views are an ample reward for your efforts! The trail will take you through woods and across streams, however, it is usually busy during its open months of April-October, so it might not be suitable if you prefer a quieter hike. Finally, remember the weather is changeable in Vermont, so wear/take waterproof/windproof layers with you, and pack plenty of water.

Star Dune Loop

The six-mile plus trail loop is situated in the Great Sand Dune National Park, Colorado; it makes for a tough hike. However, you’ll find plenty of points of interest along the way, such as the Medano Creek and the stunning views of the San Luis Valley; it is suitable for a day hike, but the National Park is also a great area for backpacking. On the other hand, if you find forest trails more appealing, the Great Sand Dune National Park also gives you access to several of them, including Mosca Pass and the Sand Ramp Trail.

Walls of Jericho

The Walls of Jericho trail is one of Alabama’s lesser known gems; it is popular for both day hiking and backpacking. Although it is famed for its beautiful scenery –  the wildflowers, waterfalls and the rivers –  it is also arduous. The hike might not be suitable for the beginner hiker, and you’ll certainly need to pack plenty of water.

In addition, the trail is known for its variable terrain. To get the most from The Walls of Jericho trail, research before you go so you know what to expect, and download/buy a map to identify potential stop off points along the way. In addition, pack/wear lightweight clothing in the form of layers.

Looking Glass Rock Trail

Known for its lush scenery, dense forestry and stunning sunsets, the Looking Glass Rock Trail in the Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina isn’t an easy option, but the effort is considered worthwhile among hikers. Most hikers can complete the six-mile trail within a matter of hours, however, it is steep and it is not recommended if you are out of shape, or have problems with your knees.


The above are just some of the United States many hiking hotspots and each of them will take you through some of the most captivating views in the United States. Whichever trail you decide to follow, always check the conditions before you leave so you can pack properly, prepare well, take adequate food/water and layer up. For activewear that is perfect for your next hiking trip, visit the Woop! Wear website today.

Image: Flickr