The Perfect Gifts For The Hiker In Your Life

Looking for that perfect gift for the hiker in your life? From the most basic of essentials to novelty presents, there’s a plethora of gifts to choose from. Whether you want a purely practical gift, or you’re searching for something more creative, there’s the ideal gift out there for you. From the following suggestions, you’re bound to find a present that is perfect a hiker.

National Parks Pin Maps

Most hikers will spend a significant amount of their time pouring over maps ahead of their outing, but these pin maps come with a difference. Rather than serving as a guide, the National Park pin maps let the hiker put a pin in every destination they’ve visited. The maps also make it easy to create a list of National Park destinations the hiker wishes to visit in the future.

The maps are available in varying price ranges and different designs, so you should find one that suits your budget, and the personal taste of the person you’re buying for. If you want a pin map that is different from the regular mass-produced products, you’ve plenty of choices. For Instance, there’s a good variety of pin maps available from independent sellers on Etsy,

Hiking Journal

A hiking journal is a practical, thoughtful gift. There’s plenty of space for creating plans, writing checklists and storing pictures. And it’s a simple way to keep hiking memories, which will be treasured in the future. They also come personalized for that extra special gift.

Go High Tech

Do you know a hiker who is always relying on traditional tools? While there is a lot to be said for tried and tested methods, technology ultimately makes the hiker’s life easier. Should you know a hiker who could benefit from upgrading their tools, consider a GPS tracker or a locator beacon. And if you have a larger budget, a smartphone for downloading timesaving apps would make a great gift.

Encourage A New Hobby

With so many striking vistas, photography can often become a secondary hobby among hikers. For outdoors lovers who haven’t already got into the habit of taking pictures, a digital camera would make an excellent gift. But there’s other hobbies/activities that also lend themselves well to an outdoor environment, like painting and sewing. Arts and crafts materials, or even a meditation CD to be enjoyed while hiking, are all gifts that other’s might not think of.

Get Creative

Your budget needn’t be a barrier to getting a memorable gift. By using your creativity, you can still come up with a present that will be ideally suited to the hiker. For example, canvases are relatively cheap and can be customized to incorporate any image you want, such as a striking image from a memorable hike.

Or create a collage of favorite pictures. This is easily done with photo software, and if you don’t have Photoshop or similar, there’s many free tools available online. Alternatively, you could get crafty and create a scrapbook full of memories from favorite hikes.

Be Practical

For those looking for something more practical, buying some essential accessories could be the ultimate present. Hip flasks, regular flasks, water bottles, emergency kits, clothing, shades, hats, socks, suitable base layers, gaiters for wet weather walking and hand warmers all make good gifts. Or you could make up a gift basket containing some accessories for the new hiker, who might not have all the equipment they need.

Gadget Protectors

Gadgets are part of practically everyone’s life now, and many regular hikers will know the benefits of carrying navigation tools and smart phones. However, expensive gadgets can also be prone to scratches, or water damage, so they need adequate protection. There’s plenty of tablet, smart phone covers, etc. to choose from, and these types of gifts are likely to be appreciated by younger hikers.

Get Personal

A personalized gift is something that can be treasured forever. Look for hiking themed gifts in the stores. Or search online for suitable presents. You’ll find a huge selection available, including journals, gadgets and practical gifts that would make a lovely present for a regular hiker.


Whether you’re searching for something practical, or something more creative, the ideal gift is out there. The ideas above are suited to a range of budgets and age groups, and aim to inspire you when looking for that perfect present.

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Image: Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash