The Best Thing About Wearing Alpaca Garments

It’s used widely in the fashion industry, and outdoor lovers are increasingly turning to alpaca fleece for their next hiking, camping or hunting trip. But what is driving the popularity of alpaca? There are several features that make alpaca so attractive to the wearer and one of the best things is the quality it offers. However, as you’ll see from the following article, there are numerous other advantages to choosing alpaca garments.

Alpaca Clothing Aids Temperature Regulation

We’ll talk more about alpaca’s versatility later in the article, but the fleece’s amazing ability to adapt to changing temperatures is worth a separate section on its own. Alpaca naturally comes with insulative qualities and it’s able to adapt according to changing climates. This means alpaca clothing has the capability to keep the wearer cool in the warmer weather. However, these qualities will also serve the wearer well in colder temperatures. So, wherever you might be – and regardless of what the weather might be doing – you’re almost guaranteed to be comfortable.

Alpaca Clothing Is Sustainable And Kinder To The Environment

These days, more consumers are looking for products that are sustainable and therefore better for the planet. And this is something wearers of alpaca clothing can be confident of. As explained on the Quartz Media website, the alpaca’s ‘environmental footprint’ is much less than cashmere goats.

Alpaca can be recycled, so it’s not a wasteful product, and its lack of lanolin means it doesn’t need the strong chemicals that other wools do to stay clean.  And finally, alpaca is considered stronger than cashmere, which makes it longer lasting, hence reducing waste. These factors all contribute to making alpaca clothing an environmentally friendly – and sustainable – choice.

Alpaca Clothing Is Cost Effective

Alpaca is cost effective. Although some buyers of alpaca garments might be paying more than they are used to, they can be assured of a superior quality item; alpaca garments have been known to last years when they are looked after properly. And the durability and strength that alpaca is renowned for make it a great long-term investment.

Alpaca Clothing Is Versatile

The versatility of alpaca should not be underestimated –  and the flexibility of the fleece gives the buyer several advantages. First, it can be worn on a wide range of occasions from casual wear, to something more sophisticated. Moreover, as explained previously, alpaca clothing is not just suitable for the hotter weather, it’s just as ideal for colder climates; these qualities further add to the cost effectiveness of alpaca that were mentioned in the previous section.

Additionally, the versatility of the fleece makes it perfect for a vast array of clothing. Alpaca is used in outdoor wear like coats, base layers and trousers. However, it’s also highly suited to accessories such as socks, gloves, hats and scarves. And unlike some other materials, it’s soft, luxurious feel means it's less likely to cause irritation

Alpaca Clothing Is Practical And Luxurious

Garments that are both practical and luxurious are an unusual combination, but alpaca fleece manages to combine both. Through its strength, durability, adaptability, resistance to water and wind, lightweight nature and greater stain resistance, alpaca is practical for both everyday use and for outdoor activities. Alpaca also has the benefit of being luxurious; it’s gentle against the skin and it doesn’t have a bristly feel.


There are several factors that explain the increased popularity of alpaca, and its use in a diverse range of industries shows just how versatile it is. Alpaca has become a firm favorite among the outdoor lover, fashion houses and the textile industry. And with such a vast range of positive features, it’s difficult to define the single best thing about it. However, the more that people begin to realize the unique combination of qualities that Alpaca offers, the more its use is likely to grow.

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 Image: Flickr