The Best Blanket Types To Take Camping


The Best Blanket Types To Take Camping

The right kind of blanket for your trip depends on the circumstances you’ll be camping in. The type of environment, weather conditions, space considerations, and even any sensitivities are all things you'll need to think about. The tips below are designed to help you make the right choice when selecting the best type of blanket to take camping.

What Features To Look For

No matter which blanket you choose, there are several main elements you should look for in each type. Your first priorities should be looking out for water resistant materials and high quality blankets. The other main features to check for are:

  • Insulation – materials that provide Insulation are the top way to keep warm in your tent. Choose thick blankets if you want to create an insulating layer between yourself and the floor.
  • Natural materials – where possible choose natural fibers to reduce allergy risk.
  • Practical – are the blankets easy to fold, lightweight and do they offer extra storage space like pockets?
  • Quick drying – to limit the number of wet towels you’ll need to keep in and around the tent.

Different Types Of Camping Blankets

The sleeping bag used to be the go-to option for camping trip comfort. However, the regular camper is now spoilt for choice when it comes to the choice of blankets available. Detailed below are some of the most common types.

Foil blankets – vital for retaining heat, foil blankets can help guard against hypothermia. However, they are also a useful addition to your first aid kit in the event of an accident or emergency.

Micro fiber blankets – these are ideal for conditions when you need a quick drying blanket.

Thermal blankets – depending on the brand you get, thermal blankets can provide wind and wet weather resistance, and give extra warmth; they come in a variety of price ranges from a few dollars to the considerably more expensive. One brand, Thermarest, is designed as an alternative to a sleeping bag and it is suitable for camping trips

Blizzard blankets – for added warmth, consider a blizzard blanket, which is designed for a wide range of purposes, including outdoor activities.

Pocket blankets – if space is limited, an easily foldable pocket blanket might be your best options.

Fleece blankets – these provide a cost effective, light weight solution.

Extreme weather blankets – they are available from manufacturers such as Mambe. These blankets come with a heat reflective lining, and they are wind and rain proof to provide resistance against harsher weather conditions.

Woollen/fiber blankets – blankets made from wools can provide additional warmth. Natural wools/fibers such as alpaca are being used more often due to their reduced risk of irritation. They can also be an excellent alternative for those will allergies to lanolin.

Extra Tips For Picking the Best Camping Blanket

The above sections looked at the qualities to look for and the different types of blankets available. However, there are some additional hints that can help maximize your comfort while you are out and about. Follow these tips to make the most of your next camping trip.

  • Take more blankets than you think you’re going to need, and select a variety so you can adjust according to the climate/changing conditions.
  • Choose all-weather clothing that is lightweight, breathable and insulating, to give you the added warmth and flexibility that you’ll need from a clothing system.
  • Check the weather conditions ahead of the trip so you can get a better idea of the type of blankets/clothing layers you’ll need.
  • Pick your camping area carefully so you get adequate shelter from flooding, but pitch your tent away from tall trees as these can be prone to lightning strikes.


Campers no longer need to rely on the regular sleeping bag for their trips. Numerous manufacturers around the world are producing blankets that have been designed to meet the specific needs of the camper. However, remember that the blankets you choose are just one facet of your camping comfort: in addition to the essentials, you also need to pack energy giving food, plenty of water, an emergency kit, and wear the right clothes so you’re ready for any weather.

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