How To Maintain Comfort From Your Alpaca Outdoor Gear

Alpaca fleece is pretty resilient and it’s generally considered low maintenance. However, that doesn’t mean to say you won’t benefit from taking good care of it. And looking after your alpaca wear is especially important when you're camping outdoors, where the conditions can sometimes be harsh. By introducing some basic steps, you can keep your alpaca wear looking good long term. So, if you’re heading out into the great outdoors, use the following tips to keep your alpaca activewear in great shape.

Keeping Your Alpaca Outdoor Gear Clean

As mentioned in the introduction, alpaca is relatively easy to care for, but that doesn’t mean it won’t attract dried mud, leaves etc. when you’re outdoors. To tackle surface dirt, take a light brush with you to clear away any debris or dust that has gathered on clothing; don’t worry too much about giving it a proper clean while you’re away as alpaca is stain resistant and slow to develop odors. Once home, just follow the instructions for washing and storing your alpaca gear.

Drying Your Alpaca clothing

Alpaca is quick to dry, so it’s a practical choice for outdoor wear. However, there’s two main things to remember about drying alpaca clothing when you’re out and about: it should be stored away from heat and direct light. Also, while alpaca is considered fire resistant, it’s still not a good idea to store it close to a camp fire - or any other source of direct heat -  as this can be damaging to the fibers. Likewise, alpaca won’t respond well to direct sunlight, so if you’re hanging your gear out to dry, pick a shady area away from the sun’s rays.

Storing Your Alpaca Clothing

Always keep wet and dry clothing separate; you might want to use zip up bags to keep wet clothing in. Also, take some spare hangers with you so you can allow your outdoor gear to dry naturally. If your alpaca wear will be stored for long periods, take adequate storage cases/bags and consider using natural insect repellents, like lavender bags. If your alpaca wear looks creased after being stored, hang it up to let the wrinkles drop out naturally.

Why Choose Alpaca Wear For The Outdoors?

Aside from its resistance to stains and odors, alpaca’s anti-microbial properties mean it’s a good choice for the outdoors. It’s anti-microbial properties means your alpaca wear should need less care, so you don’t need to worry about not having easy access to washing facilities. In addition, when you return home, alpaca’s anti-microbial properties can also make the clothing easier to clean.

Alpaca is easier to clean because it’s less likely to develop strong odors, and it’s more resistant to trapping dirt and dust. And finally, let’s not forget, alpaca is moisture wicking too, keeping you dry and comfortable as you go about your activities. These features make alpaca ideal for outdoors life, while requiring minimal maintenance.


Alpaca wear is a practical choice for the outdoors lover, especially for longer ventures, like camping, when limited washing and drying facilities can be a problem. One of the main reasons alpaca is an excellent choice is because it only requires some basic care to look after. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t need at least some maintenance while you’re away; the proper storing, drying and cleaning your alpaca wear is still important in contributing to its durability, and in maintaining its comfort long term.

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Image: Flickr