Getting Warm This Winter- The Ultimate Field Coat

Function and comfort is essential in activewear. However, outdoors lovers who plan to stay active during the winter will also look for clothing that will give added warmth. If your aim is to get warm and keep warm this winter, one wardrobe staple should be the ultimate field coat. Here are some of the reasons why it should be part of your activewear closet.

Features of the Ultimate Field Coat

The ultimate field coat comes with several attributes that make it a good choice for outdoor wear. Designed with functionality in mind, the main features include side pockets, interior zipped pockets and a waxed cotton exterior. The features offer the following benefits:

  • Interior zipper pocket – store your valuables securely while you are out and about. The inner pocket is good for keeping cash/credit cards, or a cell phone in case of an emergency.
  • Side pockets – these have been created with warmth in mind. The side warmer hand pockets will help to keep your nimble fingers even in the cold.
  • Lined hood – this provides additional warmth but for added flexibility, it can also be removed.
  • Storage space – the ultimate field jacket has plenty of storage space so you’ll have easy access to your essential items while keeping your hands free.
  • British Mailerian waxed cotton helps the wearer to keep warm, and it improves durability.

Why Choose Waxed Cotton?

The Ultimate field coat is finished in waxed cotton, a material often favored by hunters and hikers. British Millerain was the first company to start experimenting with paraffin-based waxed cotton to provide enhanced weatherproofing, and this resulted in the creation of British Millerain wax cotton.

Recently, waxed cotton has been making something of a comeback and it has been featured  in popular fashion lines. However, it is not just fashionable: waxed cotton is functional, too. There are several reasons it is used in activewear:

  • Waxed cotton has greater fire resistant.
  • It is low maintenance. Waxed cotton can be wiped clean, and re-waterproofed when you need to.
  • Wax cotton retains the heat.
  • Waxed cotton is durable and it can last years if it is cared for properly.

The Ultimate Field Coat Is Lightweight and Warm

The right clothing will help to create the correct balance of comfort and warmth while being lightweight. Moreover, the ultimate field coat provides protection against the wind and rain when out in harsh weathers, so you’ll have some added insulation from the cold. It is also suitable for layering.

The Alpaca Effect

The inclusion of alpaca is another feature of the ultimate field coat. For those that aren’t familiar with the many benefits of alpaca fleece, it is renowned for its superior warmth, and its structure can give added insulation when you’re out in the cold. It also provides water resistance and wicks away moisture from your skin to keep your skin dry and to regulate your body temperature.

The Ultimate Field Coat And Layering

Staying warm in the winter means layering. The basic layering system consists of a base layer to keep moisture away from your skin, a middle layer to add insulation and an outer layer. If the weather is particularly cold, an additional layer is also suggested. The ultimate field coat is lightweight enough to be used for layering. However, if you are going to be out in severe weather conditions, you might need something thicker, so prepare for this, too.


Choosing a few wardrobe staples that are durable, functional and comfortable provide great value for money. By carefully choosing your activewear wardrobe, you’ll have clothing that offers the additional warmth that is needed and it will also be lightweight enough to not hinder your outdoor activities. To view the Woop! Wear fall/winter range of activewear clothing for outdoors lovers, visit our website today.