Fashion Crimes While Outdoors Can Be Dangerous

Fashion Crimes While Outdoors Can Be Dangerous

Far too many outdoors lovers are putting themselves at risk through a lack of preparation, and this is a growing problem, according to NPR. Among the mistakes detailed in the article are the lack of food and water, and emergency equipment. However, fashion crimes are also featured high on the list, with outdoors lovers often heading out in unsuitable clothing and footwear. And inevitably, this leaves them at risk of hypothermia, or injuries and falls. Are you planning on heading outdoors? Then avoid these common fashion crimes.

Fashion Crime #1: Wearing Poor Clothing

Outdoor lovers sometimes feel they are dressing well because they’ve chosen clothes they’re comfortable in. However, some clothing won't stand up to the rigors of hiking and the variables in conditions. By far, one of the biggest fashions crimes is wearing cotton for an outdoor pursuit. Of course, cotton has its advantages. It’s cool, it’s light, it’s comfortable, and it seems well-suited to a summer hike, but not once it’s gotten damp.

Cotton becomes saturated when it’s wet. And not only will this feel heavy, it leaves the wearer at risk of hypothermia because of the lack of insulation. Instead, opt for natural fibers like alpaca. Alpaca gives a lightweight feel that also provides added insulation when needed.

Fashion Crime #2: Improper Layering

As an outdoors lover, you should be aware of the merits of layering. However, you might not know how to layer properly. To achieve proper layering, begin by selecting suitable materials. As detailed above, cotton just isn’t appropriate; choose materials like alpaca that repel water.

Also, don’t layer up from the start. If you layer too soon, you’ll get warm too quickly. Layer as needed and adapt as you go. And don’t forget to take some spare layers to change into.

Fashion Crime #3: Choosing Poor Footwear

The great outdoors isn’t the time for testing out new footwear, or for wearing shoes/boots just because they look good. Go for practical footwear that is comfortable, waterproof and suitable for the conditions you’re hiking in. For instance, if it’s wet, gators might be more appropriate. Or if the weather is mild and the terrain smooth, a sturdy pair of walking trainers might be well suited.

And don’t forget socks. You’ll want materials that aren’t going to get saturated easily and that will keep your feet warm throughout. Try alpaca and merino blends for added comfort.

Fashion Crime #4: Not accessorizing

A further fashion crime is not accessorizing properly. Whatever the season, most outdoors lovers can benefit from a hat of some sort. In the colder weather, a hat will keep your neck warm and the wind off your face. And in the warmer weather or when the sun is high, wearing a hat will help to guard your face and eyes from the glare.

Fashion Crime #5: Not Packing Sunglasses

Sunglasses are another accessory that the hiker can benefit from all season. Even if the sun is moderate to begin with, the further up your climb, the more intense the sun is likely to get. In winter, the sun can often be unusually strong and strain your eyes.  And if you’re surrounded by snow, you’ll want sunglasses to protect your eyes from the  cold and the white glare.


With an increasing number of stories about hikers needing to be rescued, it has never been more imperative that you dress right when you head outdoors. These fashion crimes wouldn’t matter so much in everyday life, but when you’re out in the wilds and exposed to the elements, you are putting yourself at an increased risk of accident or injury, or worse. However, by avoiding common fashion crimes. you’ll make your next hiking trip that much happier and healthier.

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 Image: Photo by Muhammad Masood on Unsplash