Don't Leave Home Without A Locator Beacon

All hikers, campers and other outdoors lovers are vulnerable to an unexpected event. And if the worst did happen, you’d want to know that an emergency team could find you quickly. However, a cell phone won’t always give you a clear reception, and other navigation tools might not meet your needs, so what is the answer? A locator beacon could be ideal.

Locator beacons can play two important roles when you’re out and about. First, you can send text messages when cell phone signals are poor. And, of course,  they serve as an alert should an emergency occur and you need to direct help to your exact location.  And with 1,600 people going missing on public land every year in the States, locator beacons are more important than you might think. Detailed below are some more reasons why you shouldn’t leave home without one.      

A Locator Beacon Can Help You To Be Found Quicker

If you’re hurt or ill on your trip, it’s imperative that rescue workers find you quickly, especially in the cold or wet. As you’ll appreciate, time is of the essence in any rescue operation, but when you’re potentially exposed to bad weather, or other poor conditions, rescue workers need to find you without delay. A locator beacon provides a precise location allowing emergency workers to get to you sooner rather than later.

A Locator Beacon Is Easy To Carry And Robust

Locator beacons come in a range of sizes, however, they are typically small. Their compact size means they won’t take up a lot of room in your backpack or weigh you down. In addition, locator beacons are built to last. They’re less likely to get damaged if you drop them, which makes them highly suited to harsh landscapes.

A Locator Beacon Provides Peace Of Mind

A locator beacon doesn’t just provide you with peace of mind, it provides reassurance for family members as well. With a cell phone there is a chance you’re going to go out of signal range, leaving you unable to makes calls or send a text; this can lead to unnecessary worry for your family. And if you do need to summon emergency support, your cell signal might not be sufficient. That’s why a locator beacon can make a more reliable alternative.

A Locator Beacon Is Practical And Cost Effective

Locator beacons are usually multifunctional; this makes them ideal for the hiker or camper with limited space in their backpacks. They also have a long lasting battery life of anything up to seven years, meaning a locator beacon is less likely to let you down than a cell phone battery. And there’s often no subscription fees, making them cost effective, too.

A Locator Beacon Can Be Suited To Your Needs

There’s a large variety of models available, so there should be a model that suits your needs. As an example, some beacons can attach to clothing, meaning they are perfect if you want to go hands free. To make it easier when selecting a locator beacon, use one of the online comparison guides to find a model with the features you want.

A Locator Beacon Is Weatherproof

The average cell phone often won’t stand up to the wet. However, locator beacons are designed to be weatherproof. More specifically, they are usually waterproof, which takes away the worry of it becoming unusable if it’s exposed to wet weather.


Officials say that a vast number of hikers aren’t adequately prepared for a hike, with many of them not even packing the basics, like a compass. But being prepared for emergencies can be easier than you might think. As an outdoors lover, they’re several methods you can use to attract attention should the worse happen, like flairs. Or even a cell phone, if you can get coverage. However, a locator beacon can be one of the most effective ways of summoning emergency help to your exact location when you’re outdoors.

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