Best Off-Road Buggies To Keep Baby Comfortable While Hiking

For parents with young families, a suitable off-road buggy will be a vital part of their active, outdoors lifestyle. And when the right buggy is chosen, it will help keep a baby comfortable and happy, while being practical for the parents’ needs.  All terrain buggies are thought of by many as being the best option for parents who want to share their love of the outdoors with their baby but which are considered the most suitable?

Narrowing Down Your Choices

With so many different off-road buggies to choose from, you’ll want a way to narrow down your choices. Begin by asking yourself which features you need the most and which will be most suited to your lifestyle. Once you have done this, start looking at reviews to see which models fit your criteria, and speak to others via forums etc. to get other recommendations. Also:

  • Establish your budget
  • As a high-quality off-road buggy can be quite in investment, ensure that it is suitable for both off-road and everyday use to get the best value for money
  • Check reviews carefully for durability, reliability and practicality.

Next, we’ve detailed some of the most highly rated off-road buggies available today. These buggies consistently receive top reviews and come with added features and accessories to make them even more practical. In no particular order, below are  three of the best off-road buggies

Bob Revolution Flex

This model gets rave reviews and is a top seller on Amazon.  It has been designed for use when jogging. However, it’s also suited to the challenging terrains you’ll find when out hiking. Its key features include:


  • Adjustable suspension system and handle bars, allowing comfort for both parent and baby.
  • Ample storage space.
  • Handbrake to control downhill speed.
  • Air filled tyres

Mountain Buggy Terrain

The Mountain Buggy Terrain comes with numerous added features. It’s practical for the parent, and roomy, allowing comfort for your baby. However, you might need to look around to find suppliers in United States. Among its main features/benefits are:

  • Suitability for on and off-road use.
  • Extra storage space, making it ideal for the hiker with plenty of accessories to carry.
  • A recline option for young babies
  • A sun hood

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle

This model also comes highly recommended by users. Although it’s just as suited to everyday use, the Urban Jungle is also suitable for taking on the hiking trails, while keeping baby comfortable at the same time. Features include:

  • A variety of handle positions so it can be adjusted to suit parent height.
  • Easy to access breaks
  • Air tyres
  • Sun vizor

Finally, Before You Set Off For Your Hike

It can take some time to adapt your active lifestyle to the needs of a baby, especially if it’s your first one. And once you’ve chosen a suitable off-road buggy, you’ll want to get the most from it. With that in mind, here are some additional tips to make hiking with your baby a success.

  • Check that the trails are family friendly, with plenty of stop off points, picnic and suitable changing areas.
  • Find out the opening and closing times and whether you need a permit before you go.
  • Ask about parking options and ensure carparks aren’t too far away from the trail.
  • To begin with, perhaps focus on nearby trails that don’t attract huge crowds. This will limit travel time for a new baby, and less popular trails should be quieter overall.


The above selection highlights just some of the off-road buggies that are available today. They’ve all been designed to be robust, durable and practical, with additional features and accessories that make an active lifestyle more manageable. However, don’t limit your search to the options you see on this page. Ask questions, look around and make sure you get the best off-road buggy, which is suited for your family’s individual needs.

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Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash