Alpaca Socks - Essential For Any Outdoor Traveller

Alpaca certainly seems to be taking over. The fleece is a major feature in the fashion and textile industry, and it has become commonplace in activewear too. Many hikers remark on the additional warmth and durability it delivers, which is why alpaca clothing and socks are becoming essential wear for the outdoor traveller.

Alpaca Socks Keep Your Feet Warm And Dry

Alpaca is insulating so it will keep your feet warm, but it will also help keep your feet dry. If you begin to perspire, or get exposed to snowy or wet weather, your socks won’t get saturated and your feet will remain comfortable. However, alpaca won’t just keep you warm. It is adaptable and if the weather heats up, it will also keep your feet cool. In addition, Alpaca’s unique make up means it has breathability, so even if the weather is humid, the moisture won’t build up.

Alpaca Socks Are Practical, Lightweight And Versatile

As well as offering durability and strength, alpaca socks are practical on so many other levels.  First, they have anti-microbial properties. This means alpaca socks have improved odor resistance and they are suitable for wear during longer trips.

Alpaca socks are also easy to care for. Some materials like cashmere can’t be machine washed, or they’re prone to developing stains. In contrast, alpaca fleece has shown increased stain resistance, and some brands are machine washable.

Despite Alpaca’s strength, the socks are lightweight. When you’re moving around, you don’t want clothing that is going to hold you back! The lightweight nature of alpaca means you won’t feel restricted or weighed down when you’re are wearing/carrying alpaca clothing or accessories.

Finally, alpaca is versatile. Depending on the activity you are participating in, there are different styles and weights of socks you could select. For Instance, choose  a mid-weight sock for day trips or mid length hikes, or a heavy weight sock for a longer camping trip.

Alpaca Socks And Health Issues

Choosing the right footwear is even more important if you have a medical condition. For instance, if you have neuropathy, woollen socks might be too uncomfortable to wear. In this case, alpaca could be an excellent alternative due to its naturally soft feel. Or those with joint problems such as arthritis might find alpaca socks beneficial because of the added warmth and comfort.

Selecting the right socks can also go a long way towards helping you avoid some of the common foot problems experienced by hikers. Many hikers develop athlete’s foot or trench foot due to the fungus that grows when the feet get moist. Blisters are another issue, which can be worsened by the friction caused by damp feet. To lower the risk of this, it is recommended you wear materials that can wick away moisture and avoid fabrics like cotton.

The Benefits Of Mixed Blend Alpaca Socks

It is common for alpaca to be blended with synthetic materials, which also offer benefits to the wearer. For example, alpaca is often combined with nylon and acrylic when used in socks. Nylon adds shrink resistance and extra durability; it is also breathable, lightweight and it has wicking capabilities. The addition of acrylic also helps to assist with wicking, while helping to keep moisture to a minimum.


Good foot care can be an overlooked component of the outdoors life. However, by choosing the right socks you can lower your risks of fungal infections and blisters, while keeping your feet warm, dry and comfortable. Couple your alpaca socks with a suitable pair of walking shoes or boots to reduce your risk of a sprain or strain, layer up with the right clothing, and you should be ready to go, regardless of the weather.

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