6 Reasons To Choose Alpaca This Season

If you haven’t already, it’s about time to start thinking about your winter wardrobe and purchasing a few investment pieces that will serve multiple purposes. Ideally, you need clothing that is functional and comfortable so you can continue to enjoy the great outdoors. However, clothing wear that is also suitable for use the rest of the year offers better value, which is why alpaca is such a good choice. Here are six reasons why you should choose alpaca this season.

Alpaca Has A Superior Warmth

If you suffer from the cold then you probably aren’t looking forward to the chill of winter, but you can depend on alpaca to keep you warm. Alpaca’s hollow structure gives it an added insulation that is considered superior to sheep’s wool, but at the same time it remains light enough to wear as layers to keep out the cold. As well as giving you the extra insulation you need when you’re outside, alpaca adapts well to the changeable conditions that are often associated with the colder weather.

Alpaca Is Suitable For All Seasons 

Alpaca clothing is a wardrobe staple that can be worn all year round. When you wear alpaca during the colder weather, you’ll have an extra layer of protection from the elements. However, unlike some other materials, alpaca can be just as well suited to warmer climates. Because of its suitability for all seasons, you’ll get extra value when you select alpaca clothing for your winter pursuits.

Alpaca Is Fashionable 

If you are the type of person who likes to be on trend, then your wardrobe needs at least one piece of alpaca clothing as it's most definitely in fashion. Alpaca has been a feature in some major fashion collections, with designers Kate Spade and Valentino being just two high-end designers who are known to use alpaca in their clothing lines; alpaca has even made it on to the catwalks, too. By wearing alpaca when you get out on the ski slopes or participate in a hike this winter, you’ll have a great blend of style and comfort.

Alpaca Is Eco-friendly 

Sustainability is becoming ever important to consumers. More of us are starting to realize the importance of living an environmentally friendly lifestyle, and there is a greater understanding of the need to reduce our dependency on products that cause damage to our environment.  But what makes alpaca so eco-friendly and sustainable? One of the major reasons is the lack of lanolin, which means it doesn’t need chemical processing, and when you wash it there's no need to use harsh washing detergents.

Alpaca is also eco-friendly because:

  • Its durability means it will last a long time, which reduces the waste associated with poorer quality materials.
  • The fiber of the alpaca can be safely shorn annually throughout its lifespan without risk to the alpaca’s wellbeing; this makes alpaca fleece a sustainable source.
  • Alpaca fleece comes in many colors, so there’s often no need for artificial dyes that could be damaging to the environment.

Alpaca Is Luxurious  

At times, we all feel the need to be kind to ourselves, especially when the winter cold sets in. Alpaca clothing is known for its luxurious feel, so why not treat yourself? The fine nature of alpaca gives it an additional gentleness when it’s worn and its softness allows it to feel gentle and non-prickly. Even when you get inside from the cold and the heating is turned up to the maximum, you’ll alpaca clothing should remain comfortable to wear.

Alpaca Is Durable  

We’ve already touched on alpaca’s durability, but this is an area that is worth elaborating on. When you buy an item of alpaca clothing this winter, you’ll have a piece of clothing that is built to last, making it a cost-effective purchase. There are several reasons why alpaca is so durable:

  • It is regarded as being stronger than other wools like mohair
  • Alpaca is less prone to pilling, allowing clothing to stay in good condition
  • It resists water and oil, making it less likely to stain
  • Depending on the brand you choose, alpaca clothing is low maintenance and easy to keep in good condition so you can get plenty of wear out of it.


You can stay stylish and warm this winter by selecting alpaca clothing. Alpaca offers superior warmth for when your outside in the cold. It is suitable for wear all year long and you can be confident that it’s gentle on the environment, too. Make your wardrobe complete this season and visit the Woop! Wear range of clothing to view our latest seasonal lines.

Image: Flickr