6 Reasons For Choosing Alpaca Clothing As Your Next Active Wear

As an outdoors enthusiast, you’ll know there are numerous types of active wear to choose from, so why pick alpaca clothing? The fact is alpaca has several qualities that all lend themselves well to outdoor activities. And for this reason, alpaca has become popular among hikers and other outdoors lovers. So, if you haven’t already chosen alpaca active wear for your next outdoor excursion, here are six reasons why you should.

Alpaca Active Wear Provides Comfort

Whether you’re hiking, skiing, hunting or cycling, comfort is a basic necessity. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, when we exert ourselves, we perspire. And if we choose the wrong clothing, it won’t be long before the skin starts to feel clammy and uncomfortable. However, by selecting alpaca clothing, you’ll have active wear that has wicking capabilities to keep your skin dry and warm, thus maximizing your comfort levels.

Alpaca Active Wear Stands Up To Wear And Tear

Outdoor pursuits can cause an excessive amount of wear and tear on clothing. For instance, when you’re hiking, it’s easy to get caught up in brambles or thorns. If you’re searching for clothing that lasts, it stands to reason you should look for materials that are known for being tough and durable - and alpaca active wear definitely fits into this category. Alpaca has got an excellent reputation for its durability, and its tough and resilient enough to stand up to the rigors of the outdoors lifestyle.

Alpaca Active Wear Is Versatile And Cost Effective

Versatility and cost effectiveness/good value are two of the top attributes you should look for in active wear clothing. As you’ll be out in all types of weathers, you’ll want active wear that is versatile and can adapt to different climates, By choosing versatile materials, you won't need multiple clothing for different weather conditions.

And when assessing the cost, don’t just look at the price tag. Alpaca active wear should be considered as an investment that is going to offer you value over time. When looked after properly, it can last for years, so if offers greater value in the long term.

Alpaca Active Wear Provides Protection From The Wind And Wet

Most outdoors lovers will have first-hand experience of how changeable the weather can be; a perfectly sunny day can soon turn wet and overcast. However, you don’t want to carry something with you for every possible situation. Instead, it’s more practical to select materials like alpaca that are water and wind resistant and can be layered so you’ll be prepared for changeable conditions.

Alpaca Active Wear Is Environmentally Friendly

Environmental awareness has grown considerably over the years and we can all do our bit to help the planet. For example, when you choose alpaca active wear, you can be certain that it’s environmentally friendly. But how does alpaca wear help the environment? Well, as touched on before, it’s durable. This means it doesn’t need to be replaced so often, which reduces waste. And because of the lack of lanolin - and alpaca’s antimicrobial properties - you won’t need strong detergents when washing it, so you’ll reduce the environmental impact that way, too.

Alpaca Active Wear Is Lightweight And Low Maintenance

Outdoors lovers will appreciate the importance of clothing that is both lightweight and low maintenance. Alpaca is often described as ‘unique’ for its ability to provide added insulation, while still being lightweight, and it’s also known for being low maintenance. Alpaca is stain resistant and its anti-microbial properties help to prevent strong odors from developing, so it's easier to care for.


Continued comfort, durability and low maintenance are just some of the benefits of selecting alpaca active wear. Alpaca clothing is also extremely versatile, making it well-suited to changeable environments, and it offers great long-term value too. These qualities, combined with alpaca’s ability to wick away moisture and provide extra insulation, means alpaca is growing in popularity among outdoor lovers who have come to appreciate the advantages it offers.

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Image: Flickr