6 Hobbies Suited To The Outdoor Lifestyle

The outdoors can be a suitable environment for several popular hobbies. Whether you’re new to a pastime, or have some experience, a different location can give you a new perspective and turn your hobby into an even more relaxing, enjoyable experience. Detailed below are some of the hobbies that are suited to the outdoor lifestyle.

Painting And Sketching

Creating artwork is a hobby that can often keep the creator indoors. However, an outside space provides an inspirational backdrop for completing an art project, or starting a new one. And with plenty of flora and fauna, natural habitats, landscapes, sunsets, birds and other wildlife, you’ll have no shortage of fresh ideas for new pieces of artwork.

In addition, sketching can be every bit as enjoyable as painting when taken outside, and it's perhaps more practical. You'll only need the bear basics of equipment, and there’s no messy paints to worry about. Just grab a sketchpad and a tin of pencils and you’re ready to go.


Knitting is known for being a relaxing hobby. In fact, the experts say that knitting is so relaxing that it can have a similar effect to yoga and meditation, thus providing profound health benefits. Experts say that knitting can lower blood pressure and slow the heart rate, and there’s plenty more advantages besides. For example, knitting can reduce the harmful cortisol levels that are associated with stress

But if knitting doesn’t appeal, there are plenty of other crafts you can turn your hand to. Sewing, crocheting, decoupage, quilting and mosaics will have a similar relaxing effect by calming the mind and giving you something to focus on. The natural colours that surround you can also provide inspiration and give you ideas for new craft projects.


Writer’s block is the scourge of most writers, however, getting outside is likely to aid your creativity and get the ideas flowing. Use your time outdoors to finish that writing project you’ve been struggling with, or to start a new one. You can even use the surrounding scenery or the people you meet to gather inspiration for new creative works.

However, it’s not just your creativity that will benefit. Writing is often a solitary activity, but in the great outdoors you'll have the potential to meet new people to share in your passion for an active lifestyle. You might also find that writing outdoors is better for your eyesight as the artificial light you are exposed to indoors can lead to eye strain.


There are mixed opinions on whether outdoor or indoor photography is best. Some prefer the silence of the indoor studio and a peaceful environment to work in. However, others like to get outdoors where they can experience the natural light, even if there might be more distractions. And once you’re outdoors what better environment to explore your photography hobby than the landscapes, wildlife, trails and other spectacular scenery that surrounds you?


From calming the mind to stretching the body, yoga has numerous benefits. However, the advantages of yoga can be magnified by practising outside. Many of us lead sedentary lifestyles and we don’t get the fresh air that our bodies often crave. But a natural habitat will get you away from the stale air of the home, office or studio, and it can help you to feel more grounded as you practice.


A natural environment lends itself well to meditation. And for those new to the practice, there’s no need for special equipment. When outside, you can focus on birdsong or other natural sounds. Alternatively, choose a focus point like a stunning sunset, the clouds in the sky or a landmark that lies ahead of you. Then sit back and enjoy the peace that takes over.


It’s easier than you might think to combine an active, outdoors lifestyle with your other hobbies. And a natural environment can be an ideal place to start a new pastime such as knitting, sewing or even yoga and meditation. All the hobbies detailed in this article need little in the way of equipment and they enable you to benefit from the natural sounds and light that can only be found outside.

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