5 Ways To Educate The Kids About Being Outdoors

5 Ways To Educate The Kids About Being Outdoors

In a digital age, our kids tend to spend far too long in front of their computer screens, which means today’s younger generation are becoming a little too accustomed to being indoors. And as one survey conducted by JCB Kids showed, children would do almost anything rather than get outside. According to the research, when they aren't watching TV, surfing the internet or playing computer games, our children would choose chores, reading a book or even homework rather than go outdoors. Naturally, parents themselves will have some concerns about letting their children play outside. However, a significant number of the parents surveyed were also worried that their children don’t go out enough.

This indoors trend is worrying because kids thrive when they go out and enjoy everything that the outdoors has to offer. In addition, as Sam Johnson, a spokesperson for JCB Play states, getting outdoors keeps kids active, allows them to socialize and create memories. But in a time when our children are so used to being indoors, just how do you educate your children about getting outdoors safely? The following tips are designed to help you achieve just that.

Find A Community Space

Community spaces can provide a safe environment for your child to be introduced and educated about the outdoors, while also teaching them to respect nature and their surroundings; most states have community groups that encourage involvement from residents, and children are often welcome too. If there isn’t a group local to you, small areas of woodland, or green areas, where wildlife are known to make their homes, can be a great introduction to the outdoors. However, if there really isn’t a space near you, your own backyard can be every bit as effective when used as an educational zone.

Let Your Kids Play Outside

As highlighted by the research, these days, children can be reluctant to tear themselves away from the computer. However, parents can also have reservations about letting their children outside. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t allow them out provided safeguards are in place and your child is educated about the outdoors. In addition, outside play can present a fantastic time to educate your child about the wonders of being outdoors, while letting them play with friends and have fun.

Turn The Outdoors Into An Adventure

An educational trip doesn’t have to feel educational if you make it fun. Museums, walks in the park, and meeting outside with friends can all be used to create adventures for your child. You can use these occasions to create a special day for to look forward to. And if you wish, you can also turn these visits into family occasions to bring everyone together for some quality time.

Start Your Children Young

By the time our children reach the tweens and teens age-group they are already spending far too much time indoors. And by that age, your opportunity to educate them about nature and other aspects of being outdoors might be lost. Therefore, it’s imperative you start them young; this will allow the outdoors to feel like a natural and safe environment for them. As Play England's director, Cath Prisk states:

"If they're told to go outside and there are regularly lots of friends out there, in a place where they feel safe, they'll be out every night and all weekend."

Start A Journal

Journaling is fun at any age, but especially when you’re young. Encourage your child to create a journal of their experiences outdoors. Let them fill it full of pictures, paintings, photographs and notes about their time outside. This will give you the opportunity to go over everything that you have learnt together while engaging your child in interactive education.


It’s apparent that children and adults are losing their interest in the wonders of the great outdoors; as more of us turn to technology or a sedentary, indoors, lifestyle, we’re losing the opportunity to be educated about nature and to feel safe outdoors. And this change in our lifestyles is likely to make our children less appreciative of being outside and less aware of the potential dangers when they are outdoors. Therefore, it’s important you start educating them from a young age. By teaching children from an early age that outdoors is fun and safe they’ll be more likely to feel comfortable with the outside environment.

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