5 Tips For Making Your Campsite Feel More Like Home

Camping with family and friends is undeniably fun, but at the same time, there is no place quite like home. If you love the outdoors, but still find yourself wishing the campsite felt feel more welcoming, there’s some tricks you can employ to achieve just that. Follow these tips to make your campsite familiar, warm and a bit more like a proper home.

Cook Home Style Meals

Sitting around the campfire eating a good meal with friends and family is one of the best parts of any camping trip. However, it’s not the same as eating around the dinner table. To make mealtimes feel more like 'normal', stay away from the convenience of dehydrated foods and tins, and cook home style meals instead. Plan a menu before you go and pack a camping stove or Dutch oven for a more comfortable feel.

Take Home Comforts

Naturally, children can feel stressed when away from home and separated from their usual surroundings. However, having something familiar around will make them feel more at ease. Let your children choose some home comforts that are easy to pack and light to carry. A favourite toy, a comfort blanket, books, games and puzzles are all good for bringing comfort, and for keeping younger children occupied.

Add A Personal Touch

We’ve all got our individual tastes, and there’s no reason why your campsite shouldn’t reflect them. Mats, rugs and blankets/duvets from home all add a touch of personal style, and on a practical level, they’ll give added warmth to the campsite. Another way to make the campsite more personalized is to let it reflect your nature. For instance, if you’ve got a quirky personality, you might want to go for a colorful interior or some fun decoration. A few knickknacks and family photographs dotted around the campsite will also give a unique touch to the campsite.

Go For Warmth And Comfort

Night time at a campsite can really get you wishing for home. However, if you get your sleeping gear right this didn’t shouldn’t be an issue. For night time comfort, search for down filled sleeping bags, as these are superior to synthetic materials in terms of added warmth. A sleeping mattress and cushion will protect you from the discomfort of an uneven ground. While insulated mats are cost effective and protect against cold and damp.

Use Technology To Stay In Touch

Smart phones and tablets have captured the imagination of millions of consumers, and they’re an ideal tool for the camper. Smart phones are practical and allow you to download apps, however, they also let you stay in touch with family back at home. With services like Skype, you can speak to family or friends to stay in touch, and internet access will keep you informed of what’s going on in the world outside of your camp. Many campsites have access to wireless signals so Internet connection shouldn’t be a problem.


As much as you embrace the outdoors, a campsite is never going to feel quite like home. However, there is plenty you can do to give your tent a touch of personal style and make it seem more familiar. Cooking traditional family meals around a camp fire rather than relying on tinned or dehydrated meals, adding personal touches, and ensuring your tent is cosy at night are just some of the things you can do to make your camping experience homelier. In addition, using technology will keep you in touch with family and friends, so you won’t have to feel you’re too far away from them.

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Photo by Colby Thomas on Unsplash