The Most Popular Tourist Places In Washington State

The Most Popular Tourist Places In Washington State

Think of landmarks in Washington State and iconic buildings like the White House are most likely the first thing that come to mind. However, there are countless other popular destinations that the tourist can flock to when vacationing there. Destinations like the National Parks, and the remarkable seaports, which are steeped in history, are among some of the favored spots.

And then there’s the Seattle Space Needle, which is another popular draw for the tourist. There’s numerous other tourist hot spots in Washington State, too. And when you read on, you’ll discover some of the many highlights.

Mount Rainier National Park

The Park is one of Washington’s stand out attractions, encompassing everything from alpine fields, rain forests and mountains. Besides the amazing scenery, there are plentiful opportunities to take part in hiking and climbing. For visitors new to the park, rangers are on hand throughout the year to give guided walks and talks to the park’s many guests.

Port Townsend

The famous seaport has always been popular with tourists and locals alike. The Port dates to Victorian times and there are several historic sites that are likely to be of interest to the visitor; these include the Jefferson County Courthouse and The Rothchild’s House. In addition, there’s several festivals that pull in the tourists every year, like the blues shows, and the concerts on the dock in the summer. However, the attractions aren’t just cultural: there’s also several destinations for biking, hiking and camping in the area.

Seattle Space Needle

According to the official website, the space needle is considered “one of the most recognizable structures in the world”. The Observation Deck stretches more than 500 feet high, so it’s not for those who don’t like heights, but once there, the view you’ll get of Seattle is pretty much unrivalled. To get a taster, you can view the ‘Panocam’ online.

Seattle Great Wheel

Another Seattle landmark worthy of a mention is the Seattle Great Wheel. Like the Space Needle, it offers breath-taking views of Seattle, only this time from a giant Ferris wheel. As you’ve probably guessed, this is another one that isn’t suited to the faint hearted, but if you like rides that take you to giddy heights, this could be ideal.

Tickets start from as little as $9 for children and $14 for adults. However, there are some restrictions on who can go on the ride. And be sure to check the opening times before you go along.

Washington State Ferry

No trip to Washington State is complete without a ride on one of the Washington State ferries; they take in some spectacular scenery along the way so be sure to grab a camera before you get aboard. And remember, reservations are necessary, so book in good time to avoid disappointment. There are also several events held on the ferries throughout the year, so look out for these, and if you have time, disembark and explore the islands.

San Juan Islands

Lopez and Orcas are just two of the islands you’ll find here. Whether it’s whale watching, hiking, horseback riding, cycling or kayaking, each of the islands has something different to offer. And in contrast to the more energetic activities, you could just sit back and enjoy the views, or take a visit to one of the many wineries, cafes or beaches.


As you can see, there is a venue for pretty much everyone in Washington State. Whether you like to take things easy and make the most of the scenery, or get active with kayaking, cycling or hiking, you’ll find numerous, popular tourist attractions that are just right for you. And attractions like the Seattle Space Needle and the National Parks are just the beginning – there’s plenty more attractions waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

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