Gloves, Scarves And Hats - Accessories With Function And Benefits

When the cold weather hits, it is tempting to stay in the warmth, but Fitness experts say we can gain plenty from getting outside. Going outdoors can alleviate the low moods some of us experience when there isn’t as much sunshine around, and remaining active can also give our metabolism a boost. Not only that, but the cold weather is said to help us burn more calories because of the extra clothing we wear, and the fact our bodies must work that bit harder in the cold.

Nevertheless, you do need to be prepared for the weather. Gloves, scarves and hats should be three of most important elements of your outdoor wear; they provide much-needed extra warmth when you're outside.  Aside from keeping your warm, these winter accessories come with multiple functions and benefits.

The Hat – A Crucial Winter Accessory          

A hat should be considered a winter wardrobe essential. Research shows that we lose approximately 50 percent of our body’s warmth through our heads, which should be reason enough to buy a hat this winter. With a hat to seal in the heat, it becomes easier for your body to regulate temperature so you stay comfortably warm.

However, it is not just about getting cover from the cold. A hat will also provide some protection against UV Rays. Although UV rays are less of a problem than in the height of summer, a hat will guard you against the glare of winter sun - especially if you are skiing.

Also, a quick winter shower could leave you saturated if you aren’t prepared - wear a hat to keep you dry. For added protection from the wet, choose one made from water resistant materials like alpaca, which also offer added insulation -  a double knit alpaca hat is ideal if you are out on the slopes.

Keeping Warm With Gloves

Your gloves need to perform two functions: trap warmth inside and to stop your hands getting exposed to the wind and cold. We lose a significant amount of heat from our hands and when the temperatures drop and the winds are bitter, they are one of the first areas to feel the cold. Once our hands are exposed to icy temperatures, our grip can be one of the first things that goes. Wearing gloves can help to maintain our grip and allow us to perform the precise movements that are needed outdoors - like holding on to hiking poles or unpacking accessories. They also reduce the chances of frostbite by keeping the blood flowing to the hands.

There’s three main things that can affect the warmth of your hands: the temperatures, the wind chill and the wet. Wearing gloves can provide a level of protection against all three, but you need the right pair. For instance, if you’re cycling you might prefer lobster gloves. If the temperatures aren’t too bad, a pair of liner gloves could suffice, or fingerless gloves will allow both dexterity and warmth. For freezing temperatures, choose a thick pair of winter gloves.

Complete Your Winter Wardrobe With A Scarf

The scarf could be described as one of winter’s most stylish accessories, but there is far more to it than just looking chic. Everyone knows that winter is the main cold and flu season - wearing a scarf can go some way to stopping you from succumbing to common bugs. In addition, a scarf protects against the sun and guards against neck pain by preventing icy winds from getting down your neck.


Gearing up with a hat, gloves and scarf has multiple benefits - and they can keep you looking stylish too. For added warmth this winter, or when you’re out on the slopes, remember to layer and begin with light base layers to wick away water from your skin. To view our complete active wear range, visit the Woop! Wear website today

Image: Flickr