Best Outdoor Food That Comes In A Foil Packet

Best Outdoor Food That Comes In A Foil Packet

An essential part of any outdoor trek or camping trip is good food to fuel your mind and body. And, fortunately, outdoors lovers aren’t as limited as they once were. There are numerous commercial brands producing foil packed food that is light to carry and easy to prepare. However, you can also create your own foil wrapped meals and heat them up over a traditional camp fire, or a Dutch oven for that home cooked feel. If you’re looking for meal inspiration ahead of your next trip, here are some ideas for simple and delicious foil cooked food.

Create Your Own Foil Packed Meals

Often, the best outdoor meals are the ones that you make yourself from scratch. So, if you can’t find foil packed meals that meet your needs, then feel free to create your own! Fish and meat can lend themselves well to campfire meals – just combine the meat or fish with vegetables, pasta, pulses or rice. Breakfast burritos are also a great idea for meals on the move – pack them full of your breakfast favorites to get the day off to a great start.

Tp save time, you can cook the meals in advance, wrap them in foil or store them in a foil plate, and they’ll be ready to be warmed up. However, always follow the directions for safely storing food and make sure meals are adequately cooked through. You can find guidelines for reheating food here. And follow these tips for safely storing food. Alternatively, if you don’t want to cook in advance, take the ingredients so they’re ready to be packed in foil and cooked over a campfire. If you need some ideas for recipes, there’s some suggestions here to get you started.

Find Inspiration Online

If you’re stuck for inspiration, a search online is sure to give you plenty of ideas that you can use. And you can always adapt the recipes if you don’t like all the ingredients – just make sure the ingredients you use are suitable for preparing ahead and storing. This compilation of 30 foil packed recipes will help to get the ideas flowing. Or look on camping/hiking forums for some tried and tested recipe ideas that you can prepare ahead, foil wrap, and take with you to cook.

Go Commercial

Perhaps the most convenient way to get foil packed food for your camping trip is to go commercial. There are numerous brands available, which can be brought from camping supply stores or on Amazon. These usually come in freeze dried form, ready to be hydrated with hot water. Many campers/hikers like these because of the convenience they provide and the minimal mess. However, they can also be more expensive than other options.

If you’re going for ready prepared meals, try and match the foods to suit the conditions. For instance, if it’s colder, you might appreciate warmer foods with a bit of spice, like chilli con carne, or curry based meals. And if you’ll be trekking a long way and need a steady source of energy, you might appreciate pulse, pasta or bean based meals to fuel you along the way.


Cooking around the campfire has evolved. These days, there’s no need to miss out on good food, or the feel of a home cooked meal when you’re out and about exploring the outdoors. For minimum preparation and washing up while you’re away, you can prepare foil packed recipes that are ready to be warmed up. Alternatively, you can take the ingredients and cook from scratch - it's a great way to involve the family. Or go for the convenience of ready prepared camping meals that come foil packed and require little in the way of preparation.

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