6 Craft Ideas Using Alpaca Fleece

6 Craft Ideas Using Alpaca Fleece

For those who love crafting, alpaca fleece can be a great alternative to some of the more traditional materials, like sheep’s wool. Soft but strong, alpaca is ideal for a versatile range of projects. And alpaca fleece is favored by some because of its overall feel.

Alpaca feels less coarse, so it's softer against the hands. In addition, alpaca fleece has a natural insulation and it’s extremely durable; this makes alpaca perfect for projects like jumpers, scarves, blankets etc. Once you’re ready to give crafting with alpaca a try, here are some ideas to hget you started.

Alpaca Knitting Projects

There’s no shortage of inspiration online, with plenty of free and paid for knitting patterns available on the internet. A great project to begin with is a basic scarf. Or perhaps you know someone who is expecting a baby and want to give them something extra special. If so, why not knit them a beautiful shawl with this free pattern?

Felting With Alpaca Fleece

Pillows, cushions, pin cushions, scarfs, hats, stuffed toys, blankets. You name it, you can probably use felting to create it. However, while more traditional wools are usually used for felting, alpaca is also a viable choice.

For those new to felting, there are plenty of workshops available, but if you’re working by yourself, start with something simple. A good starting project is a small pillow, largely because of the simple shapes involved. And if the alpaca fleece isn’t already felted, there is a simple tutorial on how to do that here.

Create A Toy Alpaca

Alpaca’s are undeniably sweet in real life - and there’s plenty of patterns around so you can crochet a toy that is nearly as cute as the real thing. These small toys are relatively easy to make, and they’re a great crochet project for adults and children alike. There are some paid patterns available at affordable prices, however, if you look around, you’ll find plenty of free tutorials too. This one is good to get started with.

Alpaca Bag

Creating your own bags with alpaca fleece is an excellent way to develop your skills. And when you’ve finished, you should end up with a sturdy bag that is more resilient to wear and tear. As with other projects, you can find numerous patterns for bags online, but you can also buy bag making kits with all of the materials and instructions included.

Alpaca Leg Warmers

Remember the eighties when leg warmers were all the fashion? Well, they’ve slowly made their way back into style. As well as finding them in the stores and in independent retailers, you can make your own leg warmers by following some of the many tutorials online. Start with this free one for something a little less bold. Or try this pattern as an alternative.

Baby Alpaca Cardigan

The use of alpaca in baby wear gives it a lighter feel. But crucially, it can also help reduce the risk of irritation and give extra warmth. This pattern here uses baby alpaca for added softness, and the simple but attractive design is suitable for the beginner to tackle.


The versality, lightness, durability and softness of alpaca means it’s highly suited for a range of craft projects. From a simple but eye-catching bag, to baby clothes, warm winter clothes and accessories, alpaca can be used to create numerous items - you’re only limited by your imagination. By searching online, you’ll find numerous patterns and projects which are free to download or available at a low cost. Use these to fire your imagination and get started on your next craft project today.

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